Haunted Bedroom II

by Coffin Spell

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Out of print..Second collection of our not so great songs and covers and instrumentals from under our previous moniker.


released September 18, 2014

Mahlin and Jovi



all rights reserved


Coffin Spell Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Most good motorcycles run on gasoline. This is a bad motorcycle. It runs on blood.

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Track Name: Swords To The South
You know that I'd stay here forever
But I'm not sure how I'd kill all that time
I know that a life can't be measured in miles
But I should would like to give it a try

I'd like to move into the city
But I don't think that I'd ever make the rent
Even in this small town, I turn around
Three days in and my check's already spent

Maybe I'd like where it's warmer
My heart has always belonged to the South
I don't vote for God and I don't own a gun
The only thing I shoot off is my mouth

I don't want to move to the heartland
I don't want to go out west
Maybe I've got it all turned around
Maybe good enough is for the best
Track Name: Eye Candy
Half naked girls all over the place
Eye candy? I'll eat her whole face.

You can't say that you weren't warned
Wiggle your tail and touch my horns
I'm bad news from my head to my feet
On Halloween the Devil dressed like me

Half naked girls all over the place
Break one open and see how she tastes
I won't let a single piece go to waste
Eye candy? I'll eat her whole face

Gimme gimme gimme gimme some more
Get me another one off of the dance floor
I'll chew her up like an apple core
Baby, I'll lick up all of your gore
Track Name: Pigmeat
Bring on the sun
I ain't havin' no fun
I'm too far gone

Didn't mean to bring you no harm
I just want you hangin' off my arm

Bring out your dead
The pigs haven't been fed
They make such a mess

Didn't mean to bring you no harm
I just wanna shoot you in my arm
Track Name: Oriental In Mexico
I feel a little out of place, please back off give me some space
That girl cut me off at third base, I got to go save me some face
Make my way to the second floor, jimmy the lock on her bedroom door
Slide open her underwear drawer, hope no one knows what color she wore

That's what you get for saying no to an Oriental in Mexico

Back to the party down the stairs, gettin' dirty looks but I don't care
"My liquor's dry, y'all wanna share?" Took the bottle and caught some air
Look at the cars, so fancy. Don't like the way they looked at me.
I reach in my pocket for my keys and notice the bricks across the street

That's what you get for saying no to an Oriental in Mexico.

Pig in my face, next thing I know. "Officer won't you lemme go?
It's been a hell of a night here in Mexico. I'm a little Oriental on my way home."
'Son you know you gotta pay, for the trouble you've caused here today.
Call a lawyer, plead your case..."
I grabbed his gun, shot him in the face.

That's what you get for sayin' no to an Oriental in Mexico.
Track Name: Yellow Stuff
It's time to hit the fast lane, let's go and steal a car
Hit the border, change our names, they won't know who we are

That fucker rots in Texas, they'll smell him soon enough
Until they find him he'll be a pile of yellow stuff

Yellow stuff

Before we catch the next plane, let's go and hit a bar
Load the gun just in case they find out who we are

Leave him there inside the trunk, he thought he was so tough
Until they find him he'll be a pile of yellow stuff

Yellow stuff

Baby, don't freak out on me, you know, we're almost there
Baby, sweetie, sugar, please...you're getting me all scared

Babe I am so sorry, I didn't mean to get so rough
Looks like tonight I'll be cooking up spoonfuls of yellow stuff

Yellow stuff
Track Name: Stench Of A Womans

Baby gimme something I can go on
Gimme a sign, gimme a clue
I just got picked up at the mall
Tryin' to catch a whiff of you

I can't remember the place
I can't remember your face
I can't forget the way it smelled
Or the way it tastes

Baby gimme something I can go on
Tryin to catch a taste of you
The librarian, she caught me
Lickin' samples in the ladies' room

Yum, yum
Track Name: Stirrin' My Brew
Stirrin' my brew

You're makin' it bubble, you're makin' it boil.
My brew ain't never done this before.
You speed it on up and then you slow it all down
Slidin' your hips around and round.
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble
I'm hypnotized and I'm seein' double.
My baby knows just what to do
My baby knows how to stir my brew

(You put the motion in my potion)
Track Name: It Gets Dark
I love to drive around and burn up all my gas
I got a big attitude and a dick to match
So baby save your shit for some other dude
I just wanna get fucked up and stick it into you

I don't like to go out much, I stay out of town
We'll have a much better time if no one is around
Smoke your cigarettes, I'll put the top down for a cruise
I already warned you...DON'T TOUCH MY FUCKING TUNES


It's important to cherish memories like these
So I made myself a necklace FROM ALL YOUR FUCKING TEETH
Track Name: Final Warning
Comb my hair, put a smile on my face
I always said I would leave this place
Go to work, suffer the small talk
I don't need a ride, I prefer the walk
It must have snowed while I slept last night
I guess I should have took the ride
Slipped in slush, feet wet in pain
I clocked in two minutes late again

It's my final warning

Trudged back home for a quiet night
Just to find out family stopped by
"How are you?" 'Oh I'm just fine."
Head up the stairs to rest my eyes
Wife barges in after they've gone
To start down the list of how I'm wrong
I need some liquor to deal with this
but those fuckers locked up at a quarter to six

It's my final warning

Back to town, I guess I'll hit the bar
but they won't accept my credit card
"You must be over your limit"
'You're goddamn right, I'm fucking over my limit!"
Halfway home to get some cash.
There I sit, fucking out of gas
Open the glove box to fetch my gun
Instead of twelve shots, maybe I'll just take one

It's my final warning

Track Name: One To The Head
Another hit in my head and it's all gone wrong.
Another line in my head and it's all gone wrong.
Another fist in my head and it's all gone wrong.
Track Name: Dead Meat
Better watch out, what goes around comes around
You're dead meat when I get back into town

I know the game. I've played before.
You didn't know that I was the one who's keeping score.
There's no more timeouts.
The wolf is at your door.

C'mon...give me an excuse.
C'mon...give me an excuse.
C'mon...try and make me love you.

Oh no! Don't cry now!
You've just made it to the bonus round
Oh no! Don't run now!
Run and hide. You don't wanna get found.

You're soooo sorry.
You're soooooo sorry.
Let me show you just how fucking sorry you are.
Track Name: Everything All At Once
I got a fear of comin down
With all these bastards that hang around
Gimme a hit, gimme a kiss
Before you send me to deal with this

and it's all

Got a head fulla irrational though
I got veins full of stuff I bought
I got a stomach turned in knots
Someone better score me a shot

and it's all....at once

and it's everything all at once
I take everything all at once
Track Name: Tell My Bones
Only 27 years old
Someone please tell my bones
The way they creak, the way they ache
Bruised and broken with mistakes
I'm high, my head's floating around
Nobody better bring me down
Let me enjoy every breath
Ain't got too many left
I should be tying up loose ends
Calling friends, making amends
If I don't get a chance to let you know
None of that weight is on my soul
Maybe I'll float through the sky
If heaven's there, hope I get inside
Don't you shed a single tear
I dug it every second here
Let's go out and have a drink
And give our hearts some time to think
I may not leave a legacy
Remember me on nights like these
When my girl has become grown
and asking questions let her know
The kind of person I really was
It's important to know your blood
Dump my body out to sea
Makes no difference to me
Just a shell of who I was
Not whatever I've become
Get the chance, I'll stop by
Maybe in your dream some night
While I wait for you up here
Dad and I will have a beer